Neware CE6000-60V20A Battery Capacity Tester Module

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The CE-6000 test system is designed to test high-capacity battery modules and packs. This battery test system is distinct from high-level accuracy, stability, dynamical rapid response speed, and multi-channel flexible features.

CE-6000 battery test system


  • Power battery simulation, C-rate test.
  • Life cycle test.
  • Power test, capacity test, energy density test.
  • Power battery virtual distribution: charge/discharge curve fitting, battery consistency test and evaluation.
  • High rate charge/discharge test.
  • Power battery, serial energy-storage battery module test: single cell voltage, Single cell temperature monitoring(high-voltage equipment).


The CE-6000 test system is designed to test high-capacity battery modules and packs. This battery test system is distinct from high-level accuracy, stability, dynamical rapid response speed, and multi-channel flexible features.

The CE-6000 system is available for the Direct Current Internal Resistance (DCIR), Cycle Life, and Driving Stimulation test.

The CE-6000 system is capable of dual channel input and energy recovery systems to maximize the cost efficiency, allowing the electrical energy produced during discharge to be returned to the electrical grid. CE-6008n-60V20A-H-Spec.pdf (1267 downloads )

CE-6000 Specification
1. Material code CE-6008n-60V20A-H
2Channels information
1. Channels quantity Channels quantity in one unit 8
2. Main channel Channel feature Constant current source and constant voltage source dual closed loop control
  Channel control mode Independent control
  Channel parallel connection Support max 4 channels parallel mode. Pulse and SIM tests will be disabled in channels parallel mode.


3Power grid side parameters
1.Input power   AC380V±15%  50/60±5Hz
2.Power factor   ≥99%(Full load)
3.THDi   ≤5%(Full load)
4.Input resistance   ≥1MΩ
5.Input power   11.3KW
6.Input current   17.2A/single
7.Overall system efficiency(Max)   90%
8.Noise   ≤65dB
9.Voltage and current sampling   Four-wire connection(same port for charging and discharging)
10.Power control module type   MOSFET
11.Input power wiring method   Three-phase-five wire system
12.Power input protection   Anti-surge, anti-silos, anti over or under frequency, anti over or under voltage, anti phase absence, etc.
4Functions and performances
1. Voltage Output range Charge:0V~60V
  Min discharge voltage 3V
  Accuracy ±0.02% of FS
  Resolution 24bit
2. Current Output range 0.1A~20A
  Accuracy(independent range) ±0.05% of FS
  CV cut-off current 30mA
  Resolution 24bit
3. Power Single channel output power 1.2KW
  Whole machine output power 9.6KW
4. Time Current response time ≤3ms
  Current conversion time ≤6ms
  Min. step time 0.1s
5. Charge/Discharge modes Charge/Discharge modes CCC, CVC, CC-CVC, CPC
  Cut-off condition Voltage, Current, ΔTime, Capacity, -ΔV
6. Simulation Charge Current, Power
  Discharge Current, Power
  Switch Support continuous switching between charge and discharge
  Cut-off condition Time, step line
  Steps file lines 1,000,000
7. Pulse Mode Charge Current ,power
  Discharge Current, Power
  Min pulse 100ms
  Pulse counts Up to 32
  Charge and discharge switch supported
  Cut-off condition Voltage, ΔTime
8. DCIR   DCIR by calculation
9. Safely protection Software protection Power off data protection
    Offline mode function
    Safety protection conditions can be set, including:voltage lower limit ,voltage upper limit ,current lower limit ,current upper limit ,delay time, etc.
  Hardware protection Anti-reverse connection, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, etc.
5Data management and analysis
1. Step setting method   Form editing
2. Data report Recording conditions Minimum time interval: 10ms(connected with AUX channel:100ms)
    Minimum voltage interval: 0.12V
    Minimum current interval: 0.04A
  Recording frequency 100Hz(connected with AUX channel:10Hz)
3. Database   MySQL database
4. Data output   Excel, Txt
5. Curve type   Templates available, customization supported
6. Bar code scanning   Support bar-code scanning function
    Management and traceability of historical data
1. Host computer communication   TCP/IP protocol
2. Communication port   Ethernet
3. Communication baud rate of the testers   1M
4. Host computer communication baud rate   10M~100M adaptive
5. Communication setup   Set up a LAN(local area network) through switches and routers
6. Communication expansion(optional)   Support CAN, RS485 communication and BMS communication, with DBC configuration function
7Environmental requirements, dimension and weight
1. Operation environment temperature   -10℃~40℃(When the temperature is 25±10℃, the accuracy error caused by temperature change is less than 0.005% of FS per degree)
2. Storage environment temperature   -20℃~50℃
3. Operation environment humidity   ≤70% RH(no moisture condensation)
4. Storage environment humidity   ≤80% RH(no moisture condensation)
5. Dimension W*D*H   600*800*1300(mm)
6. Net Weight   about 178.4KG
Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 65 × 85 × 135 cm