NEWARE BTS9000-5V5A 1000Hz High Accuracy GSM Pulse Battery Testers

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Neware BTS9000-5V5A is the best ever battery tester from Neware, it came into the market with extremely high accuracy(0.02% of FS), Amazingly quick hardware response time(100μs), high-speed data acquisition frequency(1000Hz) and many other industry-proven characteristics, it can tell the subtle difference of all kinds of battery materials, it helps you to find the future battery material and solution.CT-9000 is mainly designed for: Battery research insitutues, universities and laboratories of battery companies.

BTS9000-5V5A, as our latest battery testing system, brings you up-to-date, sophisticated hardware technology and brand-new software experience. It’s characterized with a maximum data acquisition frequency of 1000Hz, 4 automated-switch output ranges, 0.02% accuracy and a minimum pulse width of 400μs.

It characterized with a data acquisition frequency up to 1000Hz, an accuracy of 0.02% FS and a minimum pulse width of 400us (microsecond) which can be utilized for GSM or some other rapid pulse tests. Comes to the pulse tests, BTS9000-5V5A supports GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications), GPRS(General Packet Radio Service), CDMA-standby, CDMA-talk(Code Division Multiple Access), IDEN(Integrated Digital Enhanced Networks), etc.

The core technologies are improvement on a new height, such as 8-channel design, 0.02% accuracy, 1000Hz data acquisition frequency, multi-range, supporting GSM and CDMA.If you need highly accurate current output range to tell the subtle difference of the battery material, but don’t need many pulse tests, then BTS9000-5V5A is the better choice.

Accuracy 0.02%, 4 auto-switch output ranges, 400us pulse width, 1000Hz data record frequency, characterized above and even more advanced features, Neware BTS9000 is born to be the most advanced battery testing system, it is the best choice for you to find the future battery material.



BTS9000-5V5A is based on Neware 6th-generation testing system. It’s designed for battery material research, high-precision tests, pulse charge/discharge tests, DCIR test, and cycle life test.

As the most cutting-edge equipment for battery material research, BTS9000-5V5A comes with extremely high accuracy(±0.02% of FS), amazing hardware response speed(≤100μs), wide range of applications, high-speed testing data acquisition and many other industry-proven characteristics, it’s your ultimate choice for battery material research!

Equipment Item Code: CT-9004-5V5A-G4U-Spec.pdf (55 downloads )

Project index Parameter index
Input Power AC 110V ±10% / 60Hz
Resolution AD:16bit;DA:16bit
Input Resistance ≥ 500MΩ starting state(The leakage current of 100uA shutdown)
Input Power 250 w
Channel Features Four test range,wide dynamic range,high speed sampling,high precision
Channel Control Mode Independent control
Voltage Per Channel Voltage Range charge:0.7 V~5V;discharge:0.7 V~5V(0.5meter cable)
Min discharge voltage 0.7 V(0.5m eter cable, 5A discharge)
Accuracy ± 0.02%  of  FS
Stability ±0.005% of  FS
Current Current range range1:  0.1uA—150uA
range4:  150mA—5A
Accuracy ± 0.02%  of  FS
range1:  ± 30nA
range2:± 1uA
range3:± 30uA
range4:  ± 1mA
Stability ±0.005% of  FS
Power Per Channel Output Power 25W
Stability ± 0.01%  of  FS
Time Current Response Time <= 100μS (10% to 90% or 90% to 10%);
Step Time Range >=10ms
Data Recording Record Condition Time△t:>=1ms
Voltage△U:>= 1mV
Current△I:>= 100nA
Record Frequency 1000Hz Continuous Charge/Discharge Mode/GSM Pulse Mode;
Charge Charge Mode Constant Current Charge、Constant Voltage Charge、

Constant Current and Constant Voltage Charge、Constant Power Charge、Constant  Resistance Charge

End Conditon Voltage、Current、Relative Time、Capacity、Energy、Power
Discharge Discharge Mode CCD / CPD / CRD / Pulse Discharge
End Condition Voltage、Current、Relative Time、Capacity
Pulse mode Charge CC , CP mode
Discharge CC, CP mode
Min pulse width 400μs
Pulse number Single pulse working step supports 16 different pulse segments
End Condition Voltage、Relative Time
DCIR Support for the calculation of the point of the DCIR
Cycle Loop Measure Range 1~65535次
Max Steps Per Loop 255
Nested Loop Nested loop Function,Max Support 3 Layers
Protection Software Protection l Power-down Data Protection
l Off-line Testing Function
l Setting Protection Condition,Setting Parameter:Low Voltage limit、Upper Voltage limit、Low Current limit、Upper Current limit、Delay Time
Database MySQL Database
A Means of Communication of Upper Machine TCP/IP Protocol(100M Ethernet)
Data Output EXCEL2003,2010、TXT
Communication Interface Ethernet Port
Per Unit Main Channels No. 4
Dimensions W*D*H:585*575*130(mm)
Server operating system Windows 7/10  64bit

Equipment working environment

Project index Parameter index
Working Temperature Range 25±5℃(accuracy guarantee), 25±20℃(Limit Temperature);
Storage Temperature Range 0~60℃
Working Environment Relative Humidity Range ≤70% RH(no coagulation of vapo)
Storage Environment Relative Humidity Range ≤80% RH(no coagulation of vapo)
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 95 × 62 × 32 cm