Neware Battery Cyclers

Neware Cyclers Software and Hardware Installation User Manual

Neware Cyclers Software and Hardware Installation User Manual

1. Host computer Requirement:

CPUIntel i3 or better
Memory4GB minimum, 8GB+ better 
Hard drive500GB+
File systemNTFS
OSWindows 7/10, 64bit
Interfaces USB, Ethernet

2. Host computer Setup

2.1 Shut down Windows Defender (Anti-Virus and Firewall)

2.2 Turning Off Sleep Settings

2.3 Uninstall McAfee or any other Anti-Virus and Firewall in this computer

Tips: if you can’t uninstall the Anti-Virus and Firewall, please add Neware folder/file to the Trusted Items list

2.4 Change your computer’s Ethernet Internet TCP/IP4 address into

3.0 Hardware Connection

3.1 Blue color RS485–connected with–RS485, left back side of the device;
3.2 Control Unit’s black color ethernet–connected with–computer( or to adaptor), middle of the control unit.

4. Check the Control Units parameter(Factory default settings)

4.1 Power on, click ↑ or ↓ on the right side the LCD,choose 2.Configuration,click √
4.2 Check No.2, Get IP Addr: MANUAL
4.3 Check No.4, Local-IP LP:192.168.1.X (0<X<255, and X≠250)
4.4 Check No.6, GW:
4..5 Check No.7, Server-IP SP: same as computer’s Ethernet Internet TCP/IP4 address )

5. BTS8.0 Software install

5.1 BTSClient install
5.2 BTSServer install

5.3 Run the Services
5.4 Check “MySQL” and “NEWARE BTS Service” status

6. Start the BTS8.0.0 on the desktop

7. Choose the number under, then User Login

User Name:admin, Password: neware

8. Reset Map(M)

8.1 Main Channel Default Mapping: 1✖8
8.2 Aux Channel Default Mapping( if have ): Average Mapping

8.3 Software and hardware connection complete.
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