The AC Impedance and DCIR both indicate battery’s power characteristics while DCIR is more popularly used by battery manufacturers since the test is simple and the results are reliable.

Direct current internal resistance (DCIR) of batteries is the Resistance of current flowing through the battery, with the standard unit of measurement called the ohm.

Now we will teach you how to use Neware battery tester’s BTSClient8.0 software for battery dcir test.

Before we all start, I need to declare that this test scheme is based on the test standard of IEC-61960-3

  1. After we login in the User(ID: admin, Password: neware), find the Set button in the toolbar, and choose”Step edit”;

2. Find the “C-rate” and “Cut-off C-rate” function in the Step Parameters Settings, move them from Hide bar to Display bar;

3. Save and Confirm; (ID: admin, Password: neware)

4. Start the test and edit the steps as below:

①. Select C-rate mode;

②. Input the nominal capacity of the battery;(2.5Ah for example)

. 0.2C discharge the battery for 10s, 0.5C/1C discharge the battery for 1s, and cycle 10 or 20 times;(CC_DChg means Constant Current Discharge);

5. After test finished, right click the channel and View Data(D);

6. In the BTSDA screen(View data), we can see the curve on the left and the detailed parameters on the right, move the mouse to the parameter interface on the right, then right-click, select DCIR;

7. We need a simple setup so that the DCIR data can be better presented:

①. Select Step DCIR on the top right corner of the popup.

②. Select Calculate DCIR using adjacent steps that meet the following combination, choose CC_DChg for both Previous step and Next step.

③. Select Last Record in the options for V1&T1, select Fisrt Record in the options for V2&T2.

④. Click OK

8. We will got the result, and Max Resistance, Min Resistance and Range(Max-Min) will show as picture.