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Neware Battery Testers Software System Setting Introduce

Neware Battery Testers Software System Setting Introduce

When setting steps, If you want to change the default settings, in addition to the protection parameters in the step file, you can also set advanced protection parameters.Edit the steps files on other computer,then copy them to local server to merge advanced protection parameters.

Notes: The setting of protection will take effect only when the whole tester or whole unit is started.

Operation as follows:

  1. Chick “Menu”– “Setting”– “Protection parameter setting”(Shown in the following figure)

2. You can set single-point startup to load advanced protection parameters in the system settings. After setting, single-point startup will automatically merge the advanced protection parameters into the step file (As shown in the following picture)

Notes : For detailed meanings of advanced protection parameters, pleasr see “Advanced Protection Parameters”document.

Process type setting

As shown below, enter the process type you want to use in the left list, click ‘>’、‘>>’and move the type from left list to right. Click ‘<’、‘<<’move it from right list to left. The process type on the right list can choose whether it is a formation or a grading process type.

System setting

When the software is used for the first time, the system configuration interface will appear. At other times, you can also call up the system configuration by clicking the menu bar.

Startup mode

After registration, choose the type of startup mode and restart the client software.(Shown in the following figure)


Barcode format, the number of channel, barcode length, default grading category path can be chose under the barcode interface. Meanwhile, you also can confirm whether lowercase are allowed, and whether a single point can start up when there is barcode errors or no barcode.After finishing,click “Save”.(Shown in the following figure)

Data download

Support to set file format, export mode, export method, etc. After finishing, Click “Save”.(Shown in the following figure)

Foolproof settings

The startup test channel has functions such as whether the protection prompts or starts, whether passwords is required for the startup test, whether advanced protection parameters are loaded at a single-point startup, whether password verification is required to exit the software,etc. After the foolproof settings are configured, click “Save”.(Shown in the following figure)

Step edit

It includes following settings: Step parameters, Step type, Required conditions for step parameters, Creator, Batch number, Remarks, Default voltage and current upper and lower limit protection, Default and minimum step interval, Cutoff current, Weather a single step is allowed to edit advanced protection parameters, etc. After finishing, click “Save”.(Shown in the following picture)

Display setting

It consists of 6 parts : Display setting(Weather display the type of device or not,etc.), View setting (Big image and small image,List,Sorting,etc. ), Channel number display per line(Be used when click fixtures),Channel dividing line, Right-click menu function, Channel colour. After finishing, click “Save”. (Shown in the following picture)

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