Tools needed:
One set of BTS4000 middle machine(you can also use the controller of the cyclers, but if there are tests running and you want to continue/resume the tests after the calibration, then an extra controller is needed), the calibration tooling for the testers, Agilent 34461A multimeter, a network switch, two pieces of the DMM probes, etc.

Network topology:

The Neware cyclers(mid machine), computer, Aglient DMM and PC connection topology is as below. 

And here’s the picture of the calibration tooling(for lower current machines).

The front view of the calibration tooling(for smaller current)
The back view of calibration tooling

The Agilent 34461A multimeter IP address settings and connection
The IP address of the multimeter must be set to the same network segment as the PC and the Ethernet cable connected to the switch through the network(TCP/IP) port on the back of the multimeter.

Press the keys in orders to enter the internet setting as the shown picture below.

The LAN Status of The multimeter should show “Good” in black color.

PC IP address settings

The PC IP address is in the same network segment as the multimeter while the multimeter has been connected to the PC and switch.
Pc’s IP default setting is (Middle machine and Calibration tooling default this server address, they can be changed if needed)

Calibration software in Neware BTS8.0
Double-click the icon BTS8.0.0 or shortcut on your Widnows desktop, open BTS8.0 software
Login the BTS Client software from menu“User”– “User login” —-input account and password(user name is admin, password is neware)— “Confirm”.

Click menu “Tool” — “Calibration” to open calibration software as below:

The information can be the checked when the cursor move to tester machine or calibration tooling carton No..(Mainly confirm whether the range of calibration tooling and lower position machine match or not, and whether the calibration tooling’s impedance is displayed normal or differ from the label).

Changing the calibration tooling’s impedance, right click the calibration tooling–modify impedance.

Click “System Setting” — “Standard Connection Setting” —- input multimeter’s IP — “Confirm”

Click “ Equipment Adjustment” to confirm the adjustment type and range.

Click “ Calibration Accuracy” to confirm the accuracy type, range and the range of the accuracy (say 0.5% or 0.05% according to the actual type of the Neware cycler you have.)

Click “calibration accuracy” — “precision points”  set the specific value to verify

After verified, select the current tester machine then click button ‘Start’.

PS: Due to the fast responding of calibration, there might be a part of abnormal sample. In this case, click “System Setting” to extend the time appropriately — change as the shown picture below.

Click button “Export” — “ Save the data as” to manually export the adjustment or accuracy data ( The default data storage location and format can be set in the system setting of “ export”)