Neware Founded

Founded in 1998, Neware is based on independent innovation, market-oriented business model and cost-effective products.

Fisrt BTS

The first generation battery test system architecture TC series test equipment is available.

First BFGS

The first BFGS battery forming and capacity grading system was independently developed successfully.


The second generation battery test system architecture BTS-2000 has been successfully developed; High power detection system.


Passed ISO9001 quality system certification and officially launched SAP intelligent business management system. 


The 3rd generation battery cyclers architecture BTS-3000 has been successfully developed with power of 21kva.

Production Base

Transform PMC, production and logistics supply chain and establish Shenzhen production base. 


The 4th generation battery testers architecture BTS-4000 has been successfully developed; 


EVT-6000 and AUX  has steadily grown into a mainstream supplier of power battery testing equipment in China. 


The 5th generation battery pack test system architecture BTS-8000 working condition simulation solution has been successfully developed.


The 6th generation battery analyzers architecture BTS-9000 is approved to provide high-performance solutions for battery material research. 


BTS-ES energy feedback battery grading system has exceeded the shipment volume of 20000 channels.

Automatic Line

The automatic production line has been successfully put into the market; Participate in the 13th cibf exhibition and show the latest R & D achievements of the production line. 

Neware USA

All production is concentrated in Dongguan; Established Neware Technology LLC in American.


CE-6000 module & pack battery test system, high dynamic response speed, stability accuracy and multi-channel flexible configuration. It has the functions of multi-channel input and energy recovery.

Neware Profile

Neware Battery Tester

Neware Technology Limited

Business Type: Manufacturer

Main Product: Battery Cyclers / Battery Testers / Battery Grading System / Battery Analyzers / Sorting Machine

No. of Employee: 350~500

Factory Location: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Main business address: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Neware’s products have been widely used by customers in more than 150 countries , from single cell testing to module and pack testing . We clearly understand that different clients have different requirements ; Therefore , our products are designed based on the market’s demands.

Neware Introduction

Founded in 1998, Neware Technology Limited is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of lithium battery tester, cyclers, and testing system equipment, and providing intelligent solutions to cell production and testing for laboratories and production lines.

After 23 years of concentration and focus, Neware has successfully developed and has the ability to deliver the fully automatic assembly, volume separation, sorting and pack process system of power / energy storage lithium battery. The core products include soft bag high-temperature pressure forming system, square cell negative pressure forming system, high-performance battery comprehensive performance testing system, battery production information management system and battery equipment asset management system, and intelligent laboratory integration system.

Based on independent innovation, market-oriented business model and cost-effective products, Neware has become a mainstream supplier in the new energy industry. Up to now, there are more than 35000 customers, more than 240000 sets of equipment are running on the customer’s site, and the factory area is more than 35000m2. It has won the national high-tech enterprise certification and the title of Shenzhen top 500 growth enterprises and top 100 independent innovation enterprises.

Neware’s R & D team accounts for 21% of the company. The company attaches importance of R & D quality, continues to invest more than 10% of its sales revenue in R & D, and tries its best to build a professional team with high service quality and strong innovation ability.

The company follows the 5S on-site management method to guide each step of production. The employees have a detailed division of labor and close links. They are equipped with a special person in charge of supervision and inspection in each link to control the quality of each link.The company has trained a number of young technical support teams, accounting for 30% of the total number of the company. Sufficient staffing can ensure timely meeting the needs of customers from all over the world who use Neware products.

Neware Technology Limited follows the business philosophy of “seeking reputation with quality, satisfaction with service, efficiency with speed and development with management”, the business model is humanized, the service function is systematized, and continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, and the road of development and growth.

History of Neware

Technical Supports and Services

Training Program
Neware offers after-sales service with certified technician to train the user for operation, maintenance, etc.
Technical supports:
1. Fundamental operational training.
2. Training for equipment LAN set up and power source installation.
3. Basic equipment maintenance training.
4. Software operational training: Installation, upgrading, test steps editing, data backup, data analysis and processing, and data export, etc.
5. Training for safety operation.
6. Hardware maintenance training, basic hardware troubleshooting training.
7. Basic software troubleshooting training;
8. Technical questions can be answered by Neware after-sales agent.

Aftersales Service
1. Technical training: Neware provides free post-sales and after sales training, we offer specified technicians for technical supports in business hours;
2. Trouble-shooting support: since Neware receives a notification of abnormal operation from the users, and if issue can not resolved through the telephone service, Neware will arrange a solution during business hours. These solutions include the replacement of parts, adjustment of the equipment, or any necessary corrections.
3. Service hours: Neware will arrange the certified technician for a on-site service to the assigned location on time. The service hours is counted from the time that technician confirm the on-site service. Unless related service specified, the service only covers the regular business hours 08:00am~11:00pm from Monday to Saturday.
4. Neware offer free one year warranty for long-term customer relationship. Free software updates is available to ensure the best working condition of the test system

Neware Certifications



ISO 9001


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